Pearls are always appropriate.

-Jackie Kennedy

‚ÄčYour style is a reflection to the world about who you are

Equator passion for fashion and consulting started at a young age. Her enthasium for incorporating appearance and reflection into daily lifestyles bring her much glorification.

She takes pride in helping others build relationships and outreach in the community.

Her mission is not only to capture her clients image goals, but to change one life at a time by educating the world on how your image reflects your destiny and future.

Equator resides and hometown is Greenville SC where she has tremedous support from friends and family.

Meet Equator Kennedy

Styled by EK ~Life of Pearls is unique and handpicked jewelry ,purses, shoes, accessories, and anything that incorporate with pearls.  We strive to capture our clients fashionable pieces that will compliment to any outfit or setting.  .

Who Are We?